Happy New Year Kardians! With the first Spotlight of 2022, we have nothing but good news regarding our ecosystem to report! We hope you are ready because 2022 is going to be an exciting year. We start the new year with brand new updates on the quality of life changes from My DeFi Pet, Thetan Arena first $THC Burning Program, new Mytheria competition with a prize pool of 20,000 BUSD and so much more! So sit tight, and get ready for 2022! 

New Year, New My DeFi Pet Update!

Hello Pet Masters, we are beginning the new year with a brand new update for My DeFi Pet! The new version will include a recent internal stress test for the marketplace, the addition of Wings part to Bugsy & Winged pupper, and other sandbox changes that will definitely enhance your playing experience. 

Check out the additional details on the changelog here: 

[contentcards url="https://mydefipet.medium.com/new-build-updated-36acdc618147"]

Thetan Arena First $THC Burn:

Gardening 10 million players in only 4 weeks, Thetan Arena had made leap and bounds achievements that no NFT games had ever made. Since a growing player base equates a proportional growing in-game economy, Thetan Arena will host the $THC Burning and converting program #1 in an effort to incentivize healthy economic growth and ensure the stable values of your $THC. So the next time you convert them, Thetan Arena can make sure you have an extremely attractive rate and give you $THG in return. 

Check out how the $THC burning and converting program works here: 

[contentcards url="https://medium.com/@ThetanArena/thc-burning-and-converting-program-1-2eedc5d75f16"]

Mytheria X Binance NFT:

In celebration of Mytheria first ever IGO hosted on Binance NFT, a 7-day trading competition to win from a pool of 20,000 BUSD is on-going! All you have to do is be in the top 20 users with the highest trading volume from Mytheria’s Pandora NFT Package Event. 

Check out more about the competition here:

[contentcards url="https://medium.com/@Mytheria_MYRA/mytheria-x-binance-nft-trade-and-win-20-000-busd-prize-pool-c45fa76e1d29"]

Mytheria X PlayMining:

Just a few days into the new year, Mytheria has already brought upon good news with a recent strategic partnership with PlayMining. The collaboration will officially start late February and exciting future opportunities and activities will be announced soon! 

Check out the partnership here: 

[contentcards url="https://medium.com/@Mytheria_MYRA/mytheria-x-playmining-partnership-announcement-c3ef56153526"]

Kephi Gallery 2022 Roadmap: 

2021 had been an incredibly generous year for Kephi Gallery regardless of the global pandemic. Many significant milestones were hit such as their successful security audit, airdrop campaign, and a private sale in Q2 or the momentous launch of the KPHI token in Q3 and Kephi Gallery official launch in Q4. Now that 2022 is upon us, Kephi Gallery has released their roadmap for 2022. 

The roadmap includes incredibly new and exciting developments that will come in recent and distant months, check them out here:

[contentcards url="https://kephigallery.medium.com/a-year-ends-a-new-roadmap-begins-ec964d6283ef"]

KABA’s New Year Journal

Krypto Galaxy Battle will be starting 2022 with an overwhelmingly positive note. By constantly listening to constructive feedback and reports from the community, KABA has made an abundance of quality of life changes regarding UI/UX, gameplay and so on. 

Furthermore, hold-on tight because in early January, a brand new feature called Space Engine will be going live for everyone to enjoy. 

Check out the detailed journal here: 

[contentcards url="https://becoswap.medium.com/?p=f8ff123b3fb4"]

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