Hello Kardians! It seems like our ecosystem is thrusting full-throttle, with no brakes through November! You are in for a doozy this week with so much good news and announcement surrounding our ever-growing ecosystem. First of, a round of applause for Mytheria for their multiple successful IDO on Plkastarter, RedKite, and KaiStarter. DeHR continues to expand their network with a new partnership, Kelphio Gallery announcing their official launch date and so much more! 

Mytheria Triple Successful IDO!

The spotlight of this week has to be the momentous Mytheria IDO launch, not once, but three times! On three respective platforms, Polkastarter, RedKite, and KAIStarter. We are incredibly proud and happy for $MYRA as this successful venture will promise future leaps and bounds development for Mytheria. 

Get yourself up to date with more news on Mytheria here:

Telegram official channel
Telegram global community

Thethan Boxes Are About To Be On Sale

So, as we saw during the last sale, 26.500 Thetan boxes were completely SOLD OUT within 4 hours of the sale happening. No time for slacking, the next sale has already been confirmed, stay vigilant and keep an eye out so you don’t miss your opportunity at a Thetan Box sale. 

Click here to find out more about the upcoming sale:


Also, did you know, Thetan Arena was featured as one of the top gaming projects with a beta game release on Binance Smart Chain? Featured on a recent post by Gem Street, Thetan Arena, and My Defi Pet is the recent talk of the town! 

Check it out here: 


DeHR x CoinPublic Ventures

Another week, another partnership was struck by DeHR. In an effort to assist users in expanding their connections and network with efficiency and security in mind, DeHR had made a partnership with CoinPublic Venture in order to ensure the most optimal usage and career acceleration for users experiencing the Career Metaverse. 

Find out more about the partnership here: 

[contentcards url="https://www.dehr.network/dehr-network-x-the-coinpublic-ventures-helps-people-effectively-and-securely-expand-their-network-of-relationships/"]

Kelphi Gallery Announces Official Launch Date! 

Kelphi Gallery had just announced our most anticipated event just yet. On the 23rd of November 2021, Kelphi Gallery will officially launch for all the world to see what artists of the metaverse have to offer. So get your phone and “wallet” ready, things are about to get exciting! 

Check out the announcement and other Kelphi gallery updates here:


$KABA On NomicsFinance

Let’s give it to $KABA for making its successful listing on @NomicsFinance, the top 3 crypto data site by traffic in the US with a ginormous 5 million visitors per month that is backed by Coinbase. This further cements the credibility and notability of Kripto Galaxy Battle as the next go-to NFT game. 

Learn more about the listing here: 


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