My DeFi Pet Anti-Cheat Springs Into Action:

As we have previously mentioned, My DeFi Pet has anti-cheat built into the game to spot any fraudulent behaviour, cheat, or exploitation. Any bad actors will be reprimanded,  suspended, and/or banned immediately. As we keep the fairness of the game and the rights of our players amongst our top priorities, we will make sure that all gameplay stays as intended. 

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THC Burn And Converting Program 2 And Hero For Rental Feature: 

With the smashing success of our first THC burning program, Thetan Arena will carry out its second THC burning in an effort to promote a healthy in-game economy and a balanced ecosystem. 

Furthermore, alongside the THC burning, will be the second converting program where Thetanians can choose to convert THC with an exchange rate of $0.18 USD per THC and receive back in gTHC from the pool of $13M USD. 

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Alongside our smashing hit that is the THC burning program, Thetan Arena also introduces a new and exciting feature - Hero Rental. Where Thetanians can rent, and try out their favourite heroes before making an informed purchase for a small fee. 

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Mytheria “How-To-Play” Guidelines For Beginner:

In preparation for our Alpha Launch event, we have noticed some concerns regarding how the game will be played and what new players could expect. Therefore, we are about to drop the most detailed guidelines that will be 100% foolproof for all players. Check out the link below for a detailed introduction to Mytheria and don't forget to join our upcoming Alpha Launch event from Jan 23-26, 2022. 

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Mytheria Bug Bounty Contest! 

In celebration of our Alpha Launch, we will be hosting an extremely interesting contest: Bug Bounty. We will randomly pick players to experience our Alpha, and the more bugs you hunt, the more rewards you get! The reward pool is up to 2,400 USDT and for each eligible bug found, you will be rewarded 30 USTD. 

Read more about the contest here:

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Don't forget to check out our artist of the week highlight with Maxime Osti being our second GodForge artist:

KABA Quick Update 

Only 2 weeks into the new year, Kripto Galaxy Battle had received a tremendous amount of updates as the game development team pay close attention to player’s feedback and input. In this week's quick update, we will be introducing a brand new feature that is the Skill System for the Battle function, bringing a thought-provoking, real game experience as well as a growing economy. 

Furthermore, we have detected and solved many critical bugs. With the help of our technical team, many players facing these bugs were successfully helped through Teamviewer. In addition, on 11th Jan, we have also launched a bug hunting campaign to ensure all Starlords gets the experience they deserve!

Find out more about the update here: 

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