Hello Kardians! We hope you have had an enjoyable first few weeks of 2022 with much to enjoy and more to look forward to. Last week was a great complimentary follow up to what seems like a bustling first week of the New Year. My Defi Pet is back with a brand new contest for all to enjoy, Thetan Arena announces the result of its first ever $THC burn with Mytheria brand new Staking event and so much more! Keep reading to find out more about the fruitful news our ecosystem harbour in the last week! 

Rewards For The Most Active Pet Master:

Does a prize of 5m food, 500 gem, 500,000 silver and 200 DPET intrigue you? Such a grand prize may suggest a demanding competition or requirement to receive, but it is nothing but. All of that prize and more is yours if you are one of the most active users on our GLOBAL and LOCAL My Defi Pet group.

For Telegram, we will choose 1 winner for each local and top 3 for global.

For Discord, we will choose 1 winner for each local and top 2 for global.

The event will be hosted from 12PM 12th January 2022 to 12PM 26th January 2022 UTC, so get chatting! 

Find out more about the contest here:

[contentcards url="https://mydefipet.medium.com/active-users-who-is-the-chosen-one-dacf166390fd"]

Thetan Arena, Update On The First Token Burn:

In an effort to promote in-game economics activities, last week, Thetan Arena announced its first $THC token burn and converting program. This week, we are proud to report that 100 Million THC was burnt as a result of the program. The THC tokens were collected from Thetan Boxes sold on the marketplace and $12.12MUSD worth of THC were also bought directly from DEX. 


Find out more about the burn here: 


Mytheria Package Staking Event: 

On January 15th, 2022 Mytheria will be hosting a HUGE Package Staking Event until the end of January 28th, 2022 with a prize pool of 21,000 USDT divided equally across 2 incredibly exciting weeks. So how do you participate? Well, it’s easy enough! The more package you stake during said time will grant you the more USDT. 

Here are the steps: 

  • Send the Packages to your waller.
  • Connect your wallet with Mytheria website and confirm to stake your Packages until Jan 28.
  • The amount awarded will be announced everyday on Mytheria website. 
  • Prizes will be transferred to your wallet within 14 days after the event ends. 


Find out more about the staking event here:

[contentcards url="https://medium.com/@Mytheria_MYRA/package-staking-event-official-announcement-872d197e8bd1 "]

Kephi Buyback + Art Purchase Programme Incoming!

Remember the Kardia Info’s game franchise we mentioned during the last Spotlight? Well, alongside being a method for the Kephi and Kardian community to earn more KPHI and KAI token but it is also a form of buyback program to re-purchase KPHI in an effort to promote healthy and sustainable price growth. 


Furthermore, the earnings from Kardia Info’s game will also be used to purchase NFT artwork on the market that are being sold in KPHI to support creators. The artwork will be given back to the community members at random that are holding the Private investor/IDO-IDO buyer NFT on a regular basis. 


Find out more about the buyback here: https://kephigallery.medium.com/buyback-art-purchase-programme-to-be-released-f0b5aa34081a


DeHR Roadmap For 2022

After an extremely fruitful 2021, DeHR had proven not only its proficiency in its field but also its efficiency as a blockchain platform. Through what seems like countless of partnership, it is time to put them to good use. DeHR is proud to present the following roadmap for an incredible 2022 ahead: 

Q1 2022: D-APP Official Launch

  • In-Platform Staking
  • Social Feeds Features – Share to Earn
  • 10,000 Early Users
  • 200 Pro Users


  • 50,000 Users
  • 500 Pro Users / Organizations
  • Avatar purchase
  • Learning & Development NFT

Q3 2022: DEHR 2.0 Version

  • Market Research under NFT purchase
  • Decentralized User Generated Content
  • 100,000 Users
  • 1000 Pro-Users


  • Mass Adoption in Affiliate Career
  • DeFi Payroll, School Aids
  • 450,000 Users
  • 3000 Pro-Users

Find out more about the roadmap here: https://docs.dehr.network/decks-information/roadmap

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