KAI Ecosystem Weekly Spotlight (9/12 – 16/12)

  • 16/12/2021

Hello Kardians! As we are soon approaching the crypto Christmas, let’s all recount the fantastic news that harbored upon our ecosystem in the last week! My DeFi Pet and Mytheria both are hosting their relative contest right now! Thetan arena hits an incredible industry milestone and DeHR continuous to expand its network through a series of partnerships! 

My DeFi Pet – Where’s my Rudolph? 

Kicking things off, My DeFi Pet is ending this year with some fun festivities! With the up-and-coming Where’s My Rudolph pet show-off competition, Pet Masters can win up to 200 USD in prizes out of the 2000 USD prize pool! Just enter one of the 3 categories below:  


  1. Show the best Rudolph next to the Christmas tree on your farm. You can use the background and pine trees of Ice Island, decorate them like Christmas trees through photoshop apps. Add and complete the caption: “My Rudolph is the BEST because ____”. We will choose 10 impressive pictures with Rudolph’s stats to win.
  2. Only for KOLs: Creative product about Rudolph (cosplay, make a story about Rudolph,…) and get the news out. We will receive all the creative products that you post on your social media (Tweet, post, youtube video, Reddit thread…). We choose 10 winners based on your post engagement.
  3. Duel competition: Rap compliment about MDP. When you post your product, please tag the person with who you want to duel with. We choose 10 winners based on the votes of the community. 

Read more about the competition here:

Stake $CAKE, EARN $TGH! 

This week, Thetan Arena is back with a plethora of good news. Let’s kick off with their latest listing of $THG on Pancake Swap’s Syrup Pool and Farm. You can now stake $CAKE to earn $THG or stake $THG-BNB LP and earn $CAKE. So what are you waiting for, STAKE NOW!!! 


Read more about the listing here:

Thetan Arena Crushes Historic Milestone: 

Let’s give it up for Thetan Arena for being an industry first! Just within 15 days, Thetan Arena is the first within the NFT gaming industry to reach 6 MILLION PLAYERS! This further enforces the sentiment that Play-to-Earn is the future of not only NTF but gaming as a whole. 

Check out our announcement here:

Show Your Worthiness Through The GODFORGE Contest:

As you are reading this right now, something of godly magnitude is happening in the war-waging world of Mytheria. The GODFORGE contest is currently live with a total prize pool of 50,000 USD! 

Some of the best artworks in the contest:

Play-To-Earn, now you Create-To-Earn! Any artist could become a Mytherian artist, submit your creation of a god of your own choosing, and get rewarded if you get recognized! 

More details on the GODFORGE contest here:

DeHR x Verichains 

We are incredibly proud to announce the DeHR partnership with Verichains, Vietnam’s trusted technology company that provides a plethora of blockchain-based solutions. The strategic partnership means DeHR will receive security services from Verichains such as smart contract security audits, application protection, and so on and so forth. 

Verichain is an incredibly trusted company with an amazing client portfolio such as the Kyber Network, Axie Infinity, Quarkchain, Tomochain, and Klaytn. This partnership will ensure 100% certainty in terms of security and prove the legitimacy of our ecosystem. 

Find out more about the partnership here: 

DeHR x BIC Capital 

With every week, DeHR continues to make resounding strides in terms of the expansion of their partnerships. This week, we see a partnership between DeHR and BIC Capital, an investment firm that targets contemporary technologies such as blockchain and digital transformation startups. With their help, DeHR will exponentially grow to bring incredible and sustainable values to its users. 

Find out more about the partnership here:


BecoSwap & KABA

Save the date! KABA will be launched on 18 December 2021. Early birds will have a surprise wrapping up for them.

Come join in and become the Starlord and conquer the mines across the galaxy with KABA!

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