KAIRDROP #4: 30,000 TPH tokens for KAI Holders to claim!

  • 24/05/2021

Dear Kardians,

The KAIRDROP program is back with the fourth KRC20 airdrop event with 30,000 TPH.

TRUSTPay JSC was founded in 2009 as one of the first Fintech pioneers in Vietnam. They provide prepaid payment solutions through NFC prepaid cards and mobile digital wallets. Recently, they have applied blockchain technology into their business model through the partnership with KardiaChain’s top validator, VNDC Stablecoin. TPH is the KRC20 token issued by VNDC Launchpad in May 2021 by tokenizing 30% shares in TRUSTPay Joint-stock company.

By holding TPH tokens, users have a chance to own TRUSTPay shares, with a ratio of 1% share equivalent to 1 million TPH tokens.

Instruction to participate:

  1. Send 1 KAI to our provided wallet to register the wallet to participate.
    Wallet address: 0x392B54A53bEd63B3132E6F4540878aa9C6B312B8.
  2. Stake KAI to any Validators with the wallet used to send 1 KAI to the aforementioned wallet.
  3. The stake amount and number of participants will be snapshot at 7 A.M GMT+7 on 31 May 2021. Please be aware that only KAI Stakers with at least 2 weeks of stake time at snapshot time are eligible to participate.
  4. An amount of 30,000 TPH tokens are available for all participants to claim.

Find out more about TRUSTPay Group



E-mail: [email protected]

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