Since the birth of KAIStarter, the project has always aimed to become a medium to provide KAI holders with the best investment opportunities. From traditional business deals to public sales in crypto projects, KAIStarter expands our ecosystem across a wide range of audiences. Now it is our challenge to find the balance between the long-term holders and the newcomers.

Introducing the KAIStarter Pool Party, where everyone can have fun with the investment opportunities.

  1.  There are three pools with a different allocation for each.
  2.  Pool allocation varies from time to time, and can be decided by voting.
  3.  Proposed pools for incoming IDO events:
    a. "Public Pool": First Come First Serve (FCFS) for Gleam participants
    b. "In-door Pool": FCFS for KAIMOND members
    c. "Jacuzzi": guaranteed slots via committed a large amount of DKAI

We hope these adjustments will make IDO events on KAIStarter more fair and safe for all users while also enjoying

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