Greeting Kardians! As we move deeper into January, more and more exciting news starts to unfold. This week, we have received so many updates from our favorite NFT games such as My Defi Pet and Thetan Arena Lunar New Year update. We are also welcoming a new member to our ecosystem, Ark Rivals, an exciting new NFT game for all to enjoy and so much more! 

My Defi Pet Latest Build Update

Hello Pet Masters! This week, we will be closing January with an explosive new build update. In this recent version, following the successful launch of our Marketplace, we will be showing the alpha version of Arena. Keep in mind that this is just a teaser and there will be more work and changes. 

Furthermore, there are also an abundance of major improvements in this update which you could read more here: 

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Thetan Arena Large Lunar New Year Update

As Lunar New Year is just around the corner, Thetan Arena is ready to celebrate with a large update that includes new features such as Hero Rental where you can try out your favorite Hero with ease before buying them. Next up is our Leaderboard Competition with a reward pool of 35,000+ gTHG for the top 1000 players, and lastly we are ready for festivities with brand new theme skins and seasonal boxes. 

Find out more about our gigantic update here:


Mytheria Successful Alpha Launch! 

We are incredibly proud to announce that Mytheria Alpha Test ended on an incredibly successful note thanks to the ongoing support of our community. Even though this is an imperfect version of our game, we hope this gives you sneak-peak enough to be excited for the complete game. 


Just a friendly reminder, our Bug Bounty pool of 2,400 USDT will be distributed shortly.

Read more here:

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Oh, and don’t forget to check out the recap of our CEO Cuong Nguyen AMA where he will be answering questions about Mytheria Alpha launch here: 

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Ark Rivals Introduction!

This week, we welcome Ark Rivals into our ecosystem, an epic sci-fi action strategy NFT game of resources war, global economy control, political domination that is fully based in UGC (User Generated Content). 

They are currently having a Welcome Campaign with a $5,000 reward and early NFT ships! 

Check them out here:

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Kephi Gallery’s First Round Buyback And NFT Art Purchase Programme:


Just as we promised, we have completed our first round of the NFT buyback on art pieces that were sold for KPHI tokens. These artwork are sent to 9 winners: 

We hope through this program, we will be able to propel our community to new heights and promote it’s healthy growth. 


Read more about the program here: 

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