In the build-up of the launch of the first decentralized bridge between KardiaChain and Casper Network and many more chains that already integrated onto Dot Oracle, an AMA session hosted by our new Partner Dot Oracle Network was held on their Telegram Official Group on August 4, 2022 to  

The AMA session starts with KardiaChain CPO, Astrid Dang introducing herself to the DotOracle Community


Hello everyone, I’m Astrid CPO of KardiaChain, it’s nice to be here today! 


A little bit about myself: CPO KardiaChain who has been one of the founding members since Jan 2019

- Former working experience in top tech company such as FPT software, and enter market since early 2018 with vass connection in South East Asia


Question section from twitter


Q1: The first question is from @stretch_justin

We believe KardiaChain community will get bigger and with the media exposure, more people will join KardiaChain, and some players are curious as to what the future direction of KardiaChain will look like?

As one of the leading Blockchain Ecosystems in Southeast Asia, a region that's leading the globe in cryptocurrency adoption, I foresee KardiaChain paving the way for onboarding more users onto Web 3 & Blockchain tech.

However, while SEA is where the majority of our users are from, we're becoming increasingly popular in other developing regions including:


- India

- Africa

- Middle East

And we believe KardiaChain will continue its growth as well in those regions as more users learn and adopt our ecosystem


Q2: Second question is from @Natashawiner

How do you plan to spread awareness about your project in different countries where English is not spoken well? Do you have local communities for them to let them better understand your project??

I think we and partner projects have the similar direction in getting more adoption. What we can do together is help each other on market penetration in each of our home markets.

Secondly, our technology can actually combine and provide more complete blockchain infrastructure.

For KardiaChain, at the moment, we will be focusing on the Vietnam market (mostly achieved that for now because we are the leading layer 1 in our country). Near future is South East Asia. We aim to achieve mass adoption on a large scale in an efficient manner by leveraging our strong business acumen and local know-how and partnering with large enterprises and government bodies to decentralize their existing products/services with large existing user bases.

LATAM, India region is definitely the next goal.


And belows are many reasons why SEA is the crucial regions:

  1. More than 600 crypto or blockchain companies are now headquartered in Southeast Asia (x)
  2. Crypto adoption rates in Southeast Asia averaged 3.56% in 2021, but Singapore stood out with nearly 10% of its population owning crypto, ahead of the U.S. at 8.3%, according to White Star Capital (x)
  3. For DeFi adoption, Vietnam and Thailand were only after the U.S. in 2021 (x)
  4. Southeast Asia makes up 14% of all cryptocurrency transactions globally (x)
  5. “[It has] young populations who inherently understand the technology and are more willing to try new things. It’s [mostly] developing economies, so the financial aspect of crypto provides a lot of incentives for people to participate.” - Amy Zhao of investment firm Ocular (x)
  6. In fronting the worldwide drive towards digitization, Southeast Asian countries such as Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia today boast high internet penetration rates of over 70% — as compared to 40% collectively in 2015 — enabling them to compete effectively in the global economy, and to partake in the growth story of the digital asset market.

Lack of crypto regulation is an obstacle that has prevented many governments, countries, and corporations from fully adopting and embracing this new technology.

I’m proud to share that Co-founder of KardiaChain Huy Nguyen has been nomiknated as Vice President of VBA (Vietnam Blockchain Association). 

The creation of the VBA officially backed by Vietnamese government - The Ministry of Internal Affairs) demonstrates the Vietnamese Government to embrace new and digital technology as they seek clear regulation.

The VBA's Mission is the same as KardiaChain's ---> Web3 Mass Adoption

This will be a strong driving force for KardiaChain proposition in national level, then later South east Asia while Vietnam is the hub of crypto.

Q3: From @Matteo_badini35

KardiaChain announced some partnerships with many big names in crypto and media. What do you plan to extend your user base thanks to the establishment of partnerships all over the world, and what additional values do you expect from those parties?

I think for KardiaChain, we have 2 ways to build:

  1. Enhance experience for crypto users through our Defi ecosystem: ver 3 has just launched with DAO structure and liquidity mining with high APY


  1. Continue what we do best compared to other blockchain projects: Onboard enterprise partners to our KAI eco through ADapps - collaboration with top enterprises and government bodies to decentralize their existing products/services and onboard their existing user bases in a seamless manner. What makes KardiaChain ADapps truly special is that it creates real demand for KAI token and real value for our investors.

ADapps in collaboration with major enterprises have a profit sharing model, KardiaChain will use these funds for business and tech development as well as buying back our tokens on the secondary market to reduce the total circulating supply and thus directly benefiting our investors.

Our ADapps are tokenized with many KAI use cases integrated, which increases real demand for KAI tokens, directly benefiting investors. 

We are lining up the pipeline for updates. Many things are going on but we need to time the announcement right. I can’t comment on the specifics due to the NDA’s signing but please trust us that we are working hard and have many things to roll out to the community. KardiaChain has been building our products/infrastructure for more than 2 years, and we truly believe in making blockchain the core technology for the next 10–20 years.

One of the core products is our MetaFi called where Defi meets Socialfi 

We believe that the token will gain massive value once we can reach mass adoption. KardiaChain has a long dream to build, so we are carefully considering every move. We all came back from the UK and US to build the infrastructure and future for mass adoption in Vietnam. We want to bring real value to our partners/community/society and are sure that once we bring value, money will come. Once 100 millions Vietnamese are aware of our first mover, the impact will be huge. Crypto world is a crazy drive but we are getting used to it for the past 3-4 years. If anything, we are getting more exposure now, that means progression! Once we get closer to the adoption though, the price will have to reflect the true value, so we won’t worry too much!


Q4: Question four comes from @orianasyndra 

The #KardiaChain ecosytem is still in the early stages, and is full of opportunities thans to GameFi taking over the blockchain. So how can player and investors participate in #KardiaChain's ecosystem?

First and foremost, I would like to clarify that KardiaChain is layer 1, not Gamefi 

But because we have been supporting many known gamefi projects so maybe the coverage goes from there. 

KardiaChain starts mainnet in Dec 2020 so if compared to other layer 1 we’re earlier, but we’re not early stage anymore with big ecosystem of 500,000 wallet users on our mainnet, and 60+ Dapps on our chain.

Our short/mid term focus is the Vietnam market. Having said that, we are paying more attention to products, services and business models that can be replicated to other countries and/or available worldwide. We have strong partners around the region, who provide us market insights and opportunities. KardiaChain’s mission is to onboard millions of Vietnamese people and . We wouldn’t be able to accomplish our mission without significantly reducing the entry barriers. 

To answer the question above, let me deep dive into our tech which is the beauty of our network, holders believe in its technology:

Our Dual Node technology allows non-invasive cross-chain communications between any public and/or private blockchain regardless of their protocol. Meaning that there is no requirement or standard which blockchain platforms need to adhere to or adapt to, in order to be compatible with the whole ecosystem. While Cosmos and Polkadot set out their certain interchain communication protocols, IBC and ICMP respectively, which participating blockchain will need to modify their original platform to be able to connect with other blockchain networks. This allows us to be the first non-invasive interoperable blockchain platform with the ability to connect both existing blockchains and the newly developing ones in the future.

As in benefits,

- User: There are multiple groups of Dual Nodes (KAI-ETH, KAI-BSC, KAI-USDC etc.) that users can stake or delegate to become validators, hence earning KAI in the process. We setup one-click-deployment to make the process of becoming our dual node validators very easy and time efficient.

- Developers: Dual Nodes together with KSML enable Dapp developers to achieve cross-chain operations that they would not be able to perform otherwise. Example like deploying one Master smart contract that allows asset moving or info validation on multiple chains at once has not been done before.

Besides, what makes us unique is the Government bodies proactively reaching out to us when they require blockchain solutions. 

Instead of attempting to enter new markets and building new solutions from scratch, KardiaChain leverages our unique business acumen to bring blockchain technology to the masses in the most efficient way by collaborating with top enterprises and government bodies to decentralize their existing solutions/services. By doing so, KardiaChain is able to onboard existing user bases on a large scale, while at the same time major costs associated with market education and user acquisition can be saved. It's best to say the Vietnam government supports KardiaChain strongly on many levels such as being our advisors, allowing us to work w/ different departments, and listening to us when crafting new legal frameworks etc.

You can also search the exchanges that already listed KAI via or simply via where Kucoin is our main market


Q5: From @John9wik

Where do you expect to see KardiaChain in 2022, 2023 and beyond? In the next 6-12 months, what features will you be launching that will make you really stand out from the rest?

We will definitely continue to add more architectures/platform to our cross-chain efforts. It is really the question of priority since there are so many things going on now, and we want to pay a little more attention to mass adoption at this point.

KardiaChain is the Leading Blockchain Ecosystem in Southeast Asia, with the Mission of Creating Mass Adoption of Web3 Technology.

With its current focus in SEA, KardiaChain hosts user-friendly web3 products and dApps that will contribute to this mission.

Some of those core products include:

L1 Interoperable Blockchain --> KardiaChain


Metaverse ---> Beland

Custodial --> KAI Wallet

Services --> Web3

The biggest things currently being worked on are:

Launching V3 of our DEX

Launching our Open Virtual World which is the gateway to convert majority of population from non-crypto users 

TVL goal: $30M back on the track, then $100M+ (we already achieved 50M TVL from KAIDEX V2 last year)

1 Mil users and ready for the mission of #TheNextMillions

In addition to retail and institutional money that flowed in the past year, I see crypto adoption continuing to spread (especially here in Southeast Asia).

Most of the younger-generation is 100% comfortable with the digital space and adopting crypto and blockchain technology will be part of their lives (much like we adopted the internet and Web 2.0.)

And I see KardiaChain leading the way in SEA and other developing regions (like LATAM, India, Africa, and the Middle East) to assist in this transition. 

In the meantime, users could always use KAI Token for:

Stake KAI to earn rewards and share in the transaction fees

Participate in governance of the network

Use to participate in public token sales

As mentioned in the prior question, our focus is developing and working with partners + products that can accelerate mass adoption.

All of the products we have (an L1, interoperable blockchain, DEX, Wallet, Metaverse, Web 3 Services) is everything you need to get started in web3.

Furthermore, our co-founders recently led the creation of the Vietnam Blockchain Association, an organization created by the Vietnamese government to create a legal framework around crypto.

THERE are some technical goals to achieve too such as cross-chain NFT, upgrade our network to be cheaper, safer, faster. Also, many other programming languages are available but BUT, KARDIACHAIN have it's own programming lanuage which is Kardia Smart Markup Language (KSML). As far as we know, currently there is no tool that allows Dapp developers to comprise multiple smart contract.


What do you think about the partnership: DotOracle and KadiaChain?

We are happy to announce the partnership between KardiaChain and DoT Oracle to launch the first decentralized bridge between KardiaChain and Casper Network and many more chains that already integrated onto Dot Oracle. This integration will be done at the end of this month. You all can join a new cross-chain trip!

Currently DotOracle is available on: ETH, OKC, BSC, Casper, Avax and MoonBeam

Kadia and Aurora prepare to go. 

Some of Dot Oracle’s upcoming products after launch will also integrate Kadia: NFT bridge, privacy-preserving bridge, Oracle...

Kardia ecosystem of 60+ Dapps and hundred of partners also would love to connect to Dot Oracle’s ecosytem partners in Dex, gamefi, launchpad, NFT marketplace... to host more campaigns such as Larn2earn or Treasure Hunt, lets’ wait! 

We’re open to have Dot Oracle completed integration and liquidity mining on our chain in parallel. 

- Integrate bridge + NFT bridge on Kardia, listing native tokens on bridge (both KRC20 and KRC721 standard of our tokens and NFT)

- Integrate KaiDex+ wallet on DotOracle bridge with the desire to introduce more about our products 

- Marketing Campaign/ Airdrop campaign with Kardia Chain with Social interaction 

We are working with Multichain (previously AnySwap) to officially issue USDC and wETH wBNB… onto my chain; KardiaChain is EVM compatible, so it's fast and easy to use and to list KAI on Dot Oracle bridges

The AMA ended with a “LEARN TO EARN” session where 5 lucky members who have the fastest and correct answer will get some great rewards



Is Kardiachain Layer 1 Blockchain or Layer 2 blockchain?

1 is correct answer

When is the Kardiachain mainnet?

12/2020 or Dec 2020 is correct answer

What will Dot Oracle build on the KAI network?

4 products: NFT bridge, multichain bridge, Oracle and Privacy-Preserving Bridge

Who is the KAI holder and how much are they?

Mostly from SEA with 500,000 active user

How much is APR of KDX/USDC pair on KAIDEX v3 reward pool?

The correct answer is 749%

Here are the winners!


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Part 2 Learn to Earn Winners: (Telegram)

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