We are excited to announce that KardiaChain and VeriChains Labs are now in a strategic partnership to assure cybersecurity and endorse all projects in the KAI ecosystem umbrella.

As the result of this partnership, all existing or upcoming KRC20 projects will be attentively audited by VeriChains Labs with concession fees, providing an economical opportunity for every project to strengthen their security measure and healthy development. Alongside such benefits, Verichains Labs would also support the developers in other inquiries, such as technical Q&A, issues resolving, security recommendation, and last but not least, supporting tools for the IDO process on KAIStarter.

About VeriChains Labs:

Verichains Lab is a research lab with a world-class team of researchers, experienced developers, and experts in security, AI, and blockchain technology providing high-quality blockchain development and smart contract security audit services.

VeriChains Labs has provided their service to multiple renowned blockchain projects and traditional businesses like Kyber Network, Axie Infinity, Quarkchain, Tomochain, Galaxy Cinema, Oppo, and Klaytyn.

Find out more about VeriChains Labs:
Website: https://www.verichains.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/verichains
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/verichains

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