With GameFi development being one of the forefronts of our crucial foundation to the Metaverse, we announce the collaboration with L2Y NFT game data platform, a leading provider of GameFi data, insights, and GameFi incubation services.

The partnership will have the inclusion of KAI's 3 major GameFi projects among the Iron Sail project, including Ark Rivals, Mytheria, and My DeFi Pet. With L2Y's expertise of a team consisting of members from leading blockchain firms worldwide, Iron Sail gaming projects will be exposed to invaluable insights and exclusive data for guilds and scholars' reference. This is a strategic move to generate insightful marketing collaterals and a pivot point to pushing user base, polishing the games’ marketing, collecting feedback from players, improving the game on the largest scale yet to be seen in KAI's GameFI ecosystem. 

It has always been in KAI's interest to create and harbour meaningful partnerships to onboard the Metaverse train. This is why we are very excited to be involved in a cross-promotion to quality data analytic specialists such as the L2Y platform to provide the most transparent data for the benefit of both gamers and investors in the world of gaming guilds. 

About the L2Y NFT game platform: 

L2Y is a young and established NFT Game Data Platform with a team consisting of members from all facets of the blockchain industry with an amazing track record to show. Furthermore, its founders are seasoned veterans in the marketing and strategic investment sphere, bringing valuable experience and knowledge to the team's operation. Established in 2021, the team had garnered a respectful client portfolio from all over the world and plans of expansion across the globe in technology capitals such as California, Berlin, Singapore, Hong Kong, and London. 

Find out more about L2Y:

Website: https://l2y.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/l2y_com

Telegram: https://t.me/l2ycommunity

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