KardiaChain has solidified a partnership with METAWORK in an effort to broaden the network and step up marketing efforts connecting to diverse job opportunities and campaigns to increase sustainable revenue and reach to global users. Creating this boundary-crossing connection is a highly effective means of gaining access to innovative networking to help speed up web3 mass adoption in Vietnam.

With the industry facing current challenges to forge connections because of the difficulty in establishing credibility and expanding support networks within communities, the growing communities of KardiaChain with over 500k users and METAWORK’s large network of 100k publishers addresses this. Moreover, this close collaboration will allow both protocols can extensively utilize their network of KOLs and partner blockchain companies.

As KardiaChain's CMO, Bobby Pham is excited to explore more opportunities in working with Metaworks, as it bridges networks of KOLS and a multitude of blockchain protocols, elevating networking into a higher level.


Metawork is the blockchain platform with 11 years of experience in developing technology platforms (distribution networks, e-commerce, payment, connecting KOLs) and now blockchain.

Metawork's mission is to connect blockchain projects/companies (Advertiser) with Agencies/KOLs (Publisher) who own social media networks/communities/distribution channels to promote Advertisers' products/services to users globally.

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About KardiaChain

With more than half a million users, KardiaChain is one of Southeast Asia’s leading blockchain ecosystems. Aiming for Web3 Mass Adoption, KardiaChain aims to bring products that help onboard millions of users onto web3 & blockchain technology.

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