KardiaChain X SynthrWe at KardiaChain are excited to formally announce that a partnership between KardiaChain and Synthr has been formed. Synthr is a synthetic asset protocol that enables users to mint and trade on-chain derivatives of various financial assets using trustless financial contracts.

Thanks to this collaboration, users of Synthr will be able to trade $SYNTH on the KardiaChain network. And allows users from other EVM and Non-EVM chains to seamlessly enter the KardiaChain network. After Synthr is implemented on KardiaChain, users can receive $SYNTH rewards as part of their liquidity incentivization program.

Kardians will have access to Omnichain liquidity, allowing them to seamlessly swap into any asset, on any chain, with zero slippage.

Synthr's zero-slippage swapping engine may now carry out atomic swaps now that a liquidity grant is awarded to list KAI/syKAI on the KAIDEX platform.

Both KardiaChain and Synthr share the goal of addressing one of blockchain technology's most notable challenges — the fragmentation of blockchain ecosystems — and eventually pave the way for mass adoption.


About SYNTHR Protocol

SYNTHR is redefining the movement of assets by giving users access to frictionless and slippage-free cross-chain interoperability and liquidity. The protocol uses the Global Debt Model to mint syAssets, which can then be used to interact with an entire ecosystem of modules to perform various functions such as access to capital-efficient multi-chain liquidity, slippage-free swaps, real and sustainable farming, and safe bridging. SYNTHR is the only synthetic asset protocol that runs external DEX operations to ensure that the DEX prices of syAssets are pegged to their oracle prices using a proprietary peg-protection algorithm. The protocol’s vision is to create an ecosystem that thrives on unified liquidity and allows traders to move between networks seamlessly.

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About KardiaChain

With more than half a million users, KardiaChain is one of Southeast Asia's leading blockchain ecosystems.  Aiming for Web3 Mass Adoption, KardiaChain aims to bring products that help onboard millions of users onto web3 & blockchain technology.

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