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KardiaChain is Revolutionizing the Metaverse Race. 


SCity Metaverse pledges to provide a fresh view to KardiaChain's portfolio as metaverse continues to become the most talked-about topic, and Blockchain retains its worldwide influence, adding to KardiaChain's network - the most state-wide name recognition in the Vietnamese Blockchain industry. 


The people behind this project who are based in Vietnam, blends Play-to-Earn, Social Networking, and B2B E-commerce into a single platform, giving users access to the metaverse's multi-sensory expanded reality. And for the youth of Vietnam SCity is their scared ground, and the future of the latest technological trend. 

By implementing the SCity project on KardiaChain as one of its multi-chains, the strategic collaboration promises to help build long-term value by integrating virtual and real worlds, complete its ecosystem, and providing users with the most adventurous experience and benefits. 


KardiaChain pledges to support SCity Metaverse in terms of technology, product development, and networking as a backer. 




SCity Metaverse is a multi-platform metaverse that combines Play-to-Earn, Social Networking, and B2B E-commerce. 


SCity, which is based on the concept of real estate investing, integrates well-known real-life cities to the metaverse and encourages users to buy land slots in these cities and erect structures to earn tokens as real estate profit. 

SCity aspires to provide the most innovative metaverse experience in an open environment where individuals can invest, earn, enjoy, and socialize. For business clients, the project aspires to be the most widely used and effective B2B platform on which every brand must operate. 




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