As we hastily delved deeper and deeper into 2022, our team at Kardiachain had never failed to catch up. We have made tremendous partnerships and listings with notable industry giants such as Huobi and DappRadar. We have made a complete UI overhaul using your feedback to the KAI Staking website and most importantly, harboring a community of tech talents with our second season of Kardiachain Pioneer Program. So, we ended March on such a high note, let’s keep this momentum going and thrust our success into April. 



It’s thrilling to inform all of you that the leading exchange Huobi Global will list BEP-20 $KAI/$USDT on 10 March 2022. 

 Native KRC-20 $KAI will soon be listed.  

Thank Huobi for today’s wonderful spotlight for all #KardiaChain lovers and soon-to-be $KAI holders! 

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The integration is complete! All of KardiaChain's top Dapps are now on DappRadar - the world-leading Dapp Store and platform for tracking and analyzing.  

 At launch, DappRadar Ranking has listed the 8 best-performing Dapps on KardiaChain. This is a great exposure to Dappradar's massive user base of 1 million monthly visitors to better understand KardiaChain's mission and how unique the Dapps are in building that foundation.

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KardiaChain listed on AEX!

Divided 1,825,928 KAI For Free!
Time: 3/23 07:00 - 3/25 07:00 (UTC)

The first Listing Desk ——KAI (KardiaChain) is online now
$60,000 equivalent of KAI as an airdrop to participating users!


Products and Ecosystem:

Introducing the new KAI staking UI

As per your proposal and following our Roadmap, we now introduce the new KAI Staking landing page with a sleek UI designed for the best user experience.  

The new separate KAI Staking page has the integration with Web3, easier portfolio management, and will soon be adapted to the KAI Wallet mobile app.  

Four more features are under implementation, notably Network Proposal and KAI’s own DAO to help enhance the community empowerment within our network.

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Celebrate the launch of ZorbaX’s first “Joyful collection” on Agoran

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The first Vietnamese NFT exclusive membership program, ZorbaX, is now live with the launch of 51 NFTs among the “Joyful Collection” on our Agoran cross-chain marketplace, powered by KardiaChain technology.

We also welcome owners of the first 30 ZorbaX NFTs as new members to experience the unlimited privileges with ZorbaX’s amenities. 

Soon, we will openly host the auction of five (5) ZorbaX “Joyful” NFTs for the public to live the Zorba life. 

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Thanks to's KardiaChain ($KAI) Price Page, users can now directly access KAI's RSS news feed. This feature allows users to keep up with current events from KardiaChain, known as the first-ever interoperable and non-invasive blockchain network.

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KardiaChain Pioneer Program Season 2

Following the successful Pioneer Program Season 1 with our winners still a crucial part of the KardiaChain Ecosystem, we return with the Pioneer Program Season 2 with even more lucrative rewards and benefits for all potential Dapp creators on our infrastructure.

Starting from 17th March to 25th May 2022. The rewards will be $80,000 worth of $KAi for every winning project! The Kardia Lab dev team will also be your technical assistant and advisor to help you complete your innovation. Amazon Web Services (AWS Vietnam Branch) will also be sponsoring Season 2 of the KardiaChain Pioneer Program with their platform.

Those newly built projects with huge potential for future applications will have opportunities to be directly sponsored by our investment arm, Kardia venture, the listing of KRC20 tokens on KAIDEX, or NFT on Agoran marketplace to join the KardiaChain ecosystem, and better community exposure for growth.

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We also introduce the judges for our Season 2 run to all potential contestants and our Kardian community.

These judges are handpicked from various industries who will help the KardiaChain Ecosystem achieve our mass adoption mission through their expertise.

Get a chance to win $80,000 in Cash by impressing these judges during the Pioneer Program Season 2.

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