A continuation of its momentum of strategic partnerships, KardiaChain has teamed up with the leading Asian multi-chain wallet BitKeep. BitKeep is a non-custodial wallet that enables users to use the same secret mnemonic phrase to access multiple different chains.

Through this partnership, BitKeep will provide KardiaChain's tokens, Dapp, and NFT listings. Especially, BitKeep is the first wallet to support KRC720 standard, basic information about KardiaChain's NFTs can be displayed. At the same time, this wallet connection will bring 5 million active users on BitKeep to the KardiaChain ecosystem. BitKeep will also help promote KardiaChain on its social media platforms, amplifying KardiaChain’s reach to a wider audience. BitKeep has the capacity to help projects access public funds via IWO (Innitial Wallet Offering). KardiaChain is also looking forward to working together with BitKeep for the KardiaChain Consensus conference.  

These ideas are only the start of this exciting collaboration.

How to Add KardiaChain in BitKeep

Please upgrade your BitKeep wallet app to 7.0.8. 

Download link: https://bitkeep.onelink.me/rNYp/6tiyej4o

1. Launch BitKeep app. Tap ALL in the upper right corner to enter the mainnet selection interface. Tap Add Mainnet, select Vision and tap OK

2. Enter wallet password, then return to the wallet page. You are done with the addition.

Go back to the wallet home page and select ALL to view all the mainnets that have been added.

About BitKeep

BitKeep is one of the most comprehensive decentralized multi-chain wallet which combines Wallet, BitSwap, DeFi, Dapp and NFT together, aiming to become the largest entry to the decentralized world. BitKeep has the largest community in Asia with 4,800,000+ Registered users, 45,000+ Tokens in assets, 30+ Public Chains integrated, 8,000+ Dapps, supporting 6 Languages while covering 200+ Countries. 

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About KardiaChain

Developed by ex-Google Tech Lead Manager Huy Nguyen, KardiaChain is the world's first fully interoperable and non-invasive blockchain. Renowned Dual Master Nodes (Dual Nodes) technology allows KardiaChain to operate in conjunction with other blockchains without requiring them to make any change. Technically, it can be said that what KardiaChain has is quite superior to other blockchain platforms. It is also the largest layer-1 platform in Viet Nam in terms of TVL and a market challenger in Southeast Asia.

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