Cong Troi NFT just made history by helping launch the first-ever smart digital library in Ho Chi Minh City. On April 20, two digital libraries were opened at Nguyen Hue pedestrian street. This occasion was in line with the first Vietnam Book and Reading Culture Day - 2022. More than a hundred people, including government officials, were present for the official opening. The Smart Library attracted much attention from the youth on its opening evening, a testament to its being an outstanding model. 

Cong Troi (literally means “sky gate”) NFT aims to be the pioneer platform for Vietnamese artworks to reach worldwide digital adoption. Cong Troi NFT marketplace, powered by the KardiaChain network - top infrastructure regarding daily active user in South East Asia, is the hub for artists with various backgrounds and expertise to monetize their creations. Recent partnerships with projects in KardiaChain ecosystem namely Mytheria and Kephi Gallery considerably increase Cong Troi brand awareness, while connecting an amazing group of artists from different continents.

Cong Troi developed digital library to positively impact the Vietnamese artist community and the global artist community. This smart library helps meet the needs of people in three different ways:

  1. reading traditional paper books on the spot, 
  2. using QR codes at the library to read books by list, 
  3. using audiobooks via QR code.

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