KardiaChain welcomes Cong Troi as our latest validator

  • 26/05/2021

Following the announcement about the achievements in such a short time by our close partner, Cong Troi, more good news is coming. We are extremely happy to announce that the first-ever NFT art gallery powered by KardiaChain is now a member of our 20 reputable validators.

The support for NFT arts from both the community and respectable members in the art field creates a significant impact on the market, proving the undeniable benefits of blockchain. As we have announced, Cong Troi is now in partnerships with reputable art associations and other entertainment organisations like Viet Art Now, HCMC Fine Art Association, Ravolution, etc. Recently, they have hosted the “My hero” digital art competition, in which artists are encouraged to freely illustrate a true hero in their perception. These accomplishments are the main reason for Cong Troi to take a further step into KardiaChain’s ecosystem.

With nearly 14M KAI staked, Cong Troi is now in the top 12 validators, standing side by side with giants like Yeah1 and LG CNS. As a validator, Cong Troi provides an attractive low rate of commission at 1% to benefit all delegators as much as possible. This will make Cong Troi a trustable node to bring in more stakers from the art industry on KardiaChain network. 
Cong Troi’s “My Hero” digital art competition:

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