On 12 April 2022, KardiaChain’s CMO Bobby Pham had a memorable evening with the Kardian community to conduct the latest AMA to share KardiaChain’s latest updates and some sweet Alpha.

Among the highlights of the event included
- The Creation of Kardia Solutions 

- $100 Million Ecosystem Fund 

- $10 Million DeFi Fund 

- Partnership w/ Beland

- Partnership w/ Rove

Kardia Solutions - Supporting the Growth of the KardiaChain Ecosystem

Kardia Solutions is a new initiative led by KardiaChain CTO Lew Tran, CPO Astrid Dang, and CMO Bobby Pham. This team will be dedicated to providing support to existing and new projects within the KardiaChain ecosystem. These include technology, business and development, marketing advisory, and funding. 

Kardia Solutions’ first three major initiatives include:
(1) providing support for the existing projects in the KAI ecosystem
(2) increasing the total value locked or TVL to $200 million
(3) recruiting and supporting new projects suitable to the KAI ecosystem. 

Announcement of $100 million ecosystem fund

How will Kardia Solutions determine which projects to pursue and recruit? KardiaChain will be launching a $100 million ecosystem fund for this endeavor. 

Over the next seven years, KardiChain will research, meet, invest, and support this fund's projects. The entire fund will be dedicated to finding projects across all areas in the blockchain ecosystem, including:

  • GameFi
  • DeFi
  • NFTs
  • Web 2 Bridging Support
  • Content Creators
  • Enterprise Adoption

As a start, $10 million from this ecosystem fund will be devoted to growing and supporting KardiaChain’s DeFi initiatives. 

Beland - an open virtual world

Another exciting development announced during the event was Beland, where DeFi meets SocialFi. Beland is an open virtual world dedicated to the KardiaChain Ecosystem.

Through Beland, Kardians can now create their own store, office, or office to show off the dApp and business. It is a decentralized virtual reality platform where Socialfi meets Defi and is built on the Kardiachain blockchain. 

Beland was created to bring blockchain into mainstream gaming and social platforms, attracting both crypto and non-crypto game enthusiasts by offering the advantages of true ownership, digital scarcity, monetization capabilities, and cross-application interoperability.

Essentially, Beland is a SocialFi experience with peer-to-peer interaction. Beland also offers cross-Dapp interoperability, a shared economy for all players, Dapp users, creators, and developers. Rewards can also be given to users who finish games within Beland to attract other users. 

The Beland ecosystem consists of integrated products that provide a comprehensive experience for user-generated content (UGC) production. KardiaChain will offer scripting language and tools to allow the development of applications, games, gambling, and dynamic 3D scenes. Soon, there will be a marketplace for users to trade and earn from their assets.

Beland also provides opportunities for brands to place advertisements within the ecosystem to promote their products, services, and events. Additionally, brands may position products and create shared experiences to engage with their audience.

When will Beland be available to Kardians? The team is nearly finished developing Beland. The goal is to allow users to claim their own space within Q2 of 2022. 


Rove, the next evolution in Web 3 Social Engagement

Beland will have a Metaverse partner, namely Rove, the next evolution in Social Engagement in the Metaverse. From virtual meetings to art spaces, Rove empowers anyone to build a presence in the new 3D web – a network of 3D websites that are immersive, real-time, and persistent. 

Creating interactive 3D/VR environments is as simple as applying a website template. Every template can be customized to the creator's liking – all drag and drop, no code required. Basically, Rove is like WordPress for Web 3. You can turn your personal website into a 3D home where people can meet with you.

The Rove team is already in official partnership with leading protocols, including Solana and Fantom. KardiaChain is now one of the Rove’s proud partners. Rove will be building on the KRC Network in its official partnership.

Marketing Roadmap for the Remainder of 2022

Moving forward, all of KardiaChain’s marketing efforts will be geared towards targeting the global market. At first, KardiaChain was focused on the southeast Asian market. Now, KardiaChain is working on expanding to the rest of the world. 

The KardiaChain marketing team is currently working on launching the third version of the KardiaChain website. In addition, the team will be relaunching the Developer Documentation & Resource Center. 


Social media strategies will be optimized per each social channel. These platforms include Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  

Question: What are your plans for increasing the absorption and growth of TVL in the KardiaChain network?

Bobby: To tackle the growth of KardiaChain’s TVL, there are major strategies in the pipeline, such as the Ecosystem Fund Launch, DeFi Fund Launch, and VC partners. 

With the announcement of our Ecosystem Fund, we expect to onboard several new partners this year which will contribute to the growth of the TVL. 

Our first major fund will target DeFi Projects and dApps. We expect the DeFi Market will be a big part of Q3 and Q4 this year, and thus, we’ll be looking for opportunities to onboard DeFi players. Onboarding DeFi players will directly contribute to the growth of the TVL.

And lastly, in the latter part of this year, we’ll be talking to VC partners that can contribute to liquidity and the growth of our TVL.

Question: Is there any news for Kaimond users? What are the upcoming plans for the Kaimond program to restore faith with the holders and give more value to DKai?

We’ve been gathering feedback internally from our Ambassadors and have plans to revisit the benefits for Kaimond users. Our priority is to ensure we give as much value to those that support and believe in us. 

Towards the 2nd half of Q2 and moving into Q3 is when we’ll have more developments regarding the Kaimond program. We want to continue providing value and benefits for those in our Kaimond program.

Question: Will there be more IDOs this year as well as projects that will be launched under KardiaChain?

As mentioned earlier, our priority is taking the Growth of the KardiaChain Ecosystem seriously this year. We have several major initiatives this year that’ll onboard new projects that include token launches.

Such initiatives include:

- Ecosystem Fund

- Kardia Solutions 

- Hackathons

- Negotiations w/ Partnerships

Question: Can you elaborate on your social media and SEO marketing plans this year?

We recognize the necessity of a strong social media plan for any blockchain company. And creating and implementing a successful social media plan does take time. Each social media channel requires its own unique dedicated plan and strategy.

Over the next 3-5 months, we'll be spending a lot of time "building." All the major news and initiatives released here take time to research, plan and build.

Rome wasn't built in a day.  And neither will KardiaChain be. We may occasionally be off on some of our timelines, but we WILL ensure that we complete all our initiatives and goals, regardless of how long they take 🙂

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