Since the birth of KardiaChain, its primary goals have been to improve blockchain interoperability, scalability, and developability with its full support of KardiaSolutions. 

Our long-term vision is to facilitate the mass adoption of blockchain technology by providing a unified infrastructure for the development of solutions that are cross-platform capable, interoperable, and as easy to implement as possible for developers.

Taking great lengths to achieve this, KardiaChain enables transactions with $pKAI through Incognito Chain, a global community of privacy-minded builders whose primary goal is to protect the world from surveillance and control, and has the ideal features in place: 

  • privacy-protection, blockchain-based financial products.
  • The development process is open-source.
  • The network was built on the premise that crypto traders and consumers required privacy for their existing cryptocurrencies, rather than privacy-focused tokens.


Incognito was designed to provide users with the best of both worlds, allowing them to trade their preferred coins while maintaining complete anonymity.



The privacy layer provided by Incognito allows users to trade, send, and receive KAI anonymously. In addition, the KAI holders can also cross-chain swap and interact with popular dApps such as pCurve or pUniswap directly, all within the private realm of Incognito.

The token will be available on the decentralized exchange of Incognito pKAI. As a result, its users benefit from the bridge's commission-free and untraceable trading process. This would be a massive leap for the project in new user acquisition and processing volume. 


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Download the Incognito app and start trading with confidentiality today!

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