It’s finally here!

Today, on the anniversary of our Aris Mainnet 1.0, KardiaChain has implemented the Galaxias Hardfork and completed the upgrade to Mainnet 2.0 at block 6,039,393. 

We are proud to announce that we have successfully hit all the milestones in our development road map. 

  • Applied Reactor V2 implementation

The new reactors will be applied for all blockchain channels, improving overall network performance. We’ve reached a peak of 10121 TPS on our development network.

  • ChainID implementation

The KardiaChain network now supports signing with ChainID, which means we're now compatible with all Web3 Ecosystem (eg: Metamask, TrustWallet, Ledger…) and other layer-2 services.

  • RPC API Upgrade

Implement API to support various Web3 endpoints (EVM-compatible) to help developers build dApps easier on top of KardiaChain.

  • KVM Integration

Compatible with the latest EVM version and supportive of Solidity beyond V0.8.0. 

  • Staking Improvements

Smart contract events are now available for users to easily keep track of their staking-related actions.

Improve consensus performance.

  •  ✅Network

Increase the total validator group from 20 to 30, and reduce the amount of KAI tokens for validators from 12.5 million KAI to just 5 million KAI to attract more diverse communities to join the pool.

  • KSML Ready

KardiaChain is now ready to expand as we have the ability to break the language barrier between different smart contract platforms, facilitating a “mutual understanding” smart contract between KardiaChain and a lot more external chains.

As our effort to make sure the system runs smoothly after our Galaxias launch, please help yourself to contact the team if you have any feedback at:

We send our utmost appreciation to all members of the KardiaChain community for your support and patience, we are working with our best efforts to make Galaxias the healthiest and safest network for your DeFi experience. Special thanks to our closed partner Apeswap.FInance for continuously promoting Galaxias in the partnership campaign.

Cheers to the new evolution for a prosperous future. And Happy New Year to all Kardians!

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