"When market is fearful, KardiaChain is building!"

- KardiaChain's CTO & Co-Founder, Huy Nguyen.

The month of May had passed by with many great news and developments. Let's take a look back at what we have achieved over the past month in our journey of blockchain mass adoption.


I/ Partnership

KardiaChain join hands with Yeah1 to build a whole new entertainment platform with value for end-users

Following the announcement of the partnership between KardiaChain and Yeah1 Group, CafeBiz — the most reliable news source about the business environment in Vietnam — has published an in-depth analysis of this collaboration. The article discusses how the largest entertainment media network and the biggest blockchain infrastructure in Vietnam will solve the problem of motivating, encouraging users, and reducing advertisements annoyance.

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KardiaChain and Roseon join hands to simplify DeFi investment experiences

KardiaChain is excited to announce the partnership with Roseon Finance to simplify DeFi investment experiences and capture the prosperous NFT market for mainstream users.

Roseon Finance is no stranger to KardiaChain, as they are one of the partners of KAI’s first fully incubated project, My DeFi Pet. As the result of this partnership. KAI token will be available on Roseon’s user-friendly mobile platform and vice versa. The future integration of ROSN tokens on KardiaChain mainnet would help users store ROSN in their Kardia Wallet, trade on the upcoming unique KAIDEX, and stake ROSN tokens for various rewards.

[contentcards url="https://blog.kardiachain.io/en/kardiachain-and-roseon-join-hands-to-simplify-defi-investment-experiences/"]

Furthermore, our Head of Marketing Astrid Dang had a live stream session with Roseon Finance about the cryptoworld in Vietnam and KardiaChain's incubated project, My DeFi Pet.

[contentcards url="https://fb.watch/5RF6g8ac9H/"]

Cong Troi’s achievements in 45 days and becoming the latest validator on KardiaChain network 

Since the launch of the NFT Gallery Cong Troi, the project has achieved many huge milestones with enormous support from the Vietnamese community.

[contentcards url="https://blog.kardiachain.io/en/cong-trois-achievements-in-45-days/"]

Following these achievements, we are extremely happy to announce Cong Troi is now a member of our 20 reputable validators. Cong Troi is now in the top 12 validators, standing side by side with giants like Yeah1 and LG CNS. 

[contentcards url="https://blog.kardiachain.io/en/kardiachain-welcomes-cong-troi-as-our-latest-validator/"]

Charlie Nguyen and the decentralisation of filmmaking industry on Kardiachain

KardiaChain’s mass blockchain adoption has just taken a giant leap towards completion. We are delighted to announce that one of the most iconic Vietnamese movie directors, Charlie Nguyen, will launch his first blockchain venture, FAM Central, on KardiaChain.

[contentcards url="https://blog.kardiachain.io/en/charlie-nguyen-and-the-decentralisation-of-filmmaking-industry-on-kardiachain/"]

II/ Products & Ecosystem

KardiaChain Pioneer Program - Accessible Blockchain for Innovators

For the first time, KardiaChain will host the KardiaChain Pioneer Program — a DApp design and development competition. The purpose of this competition is to expand KardiaChain’s ecosystem and implement Dapps into real-life applications. The judges for this competition will be KardiaChain Labs’ experts and sponsored by KardiaChain Foundation.

[contentcards url="https://blog.kardiachain.io/en/kardiachain-pioneer-program-accessible-blockchain-for-innovators/"]

You can view the projects’ ideas summary here:

[contentcards url="https://blog.kardiachain.io/en/kardiachain-pioneer-program-round-1-ideas-projects-summary/"]

“The Future of Interchain Applications” Cosmos Meetup recap

KardiaChain has also been active in building up the technology enthusiasts community.

 KardiaChain’s CTO and Co-Founder Huy Nguyen was a panelist at “The Future of Interchain Applications” event hosted by Cosmos and KryptoSeoul in the Propzy venue in Ho Chi Minh City.

Overcoming the pandemic difficulties, the event had the attendance of 100 personnel from different reputable technology firms, ventures, and institutions, such as HCMC University of Technology, RMIT University Vietnam, Tribe Accelerator, Golden Gate Ventures, CoderSchool, KardiaChain Foundation, Kambria, Kyber Network, TomoChain, CoinGecko, Blockchain Hanoi, Crypto Community Vietnam. Over 9000 people had interacted with the event from various means, showing the increasing interest in blockchain technology in the modern population in Vietnam.

[contentcards url="https://blog.kardiachain.io/en/the-future-of-interchain-applications-cosmos-meetup-recap/"]

KUSD-T: The first KRC20 USD-pegged stablecoin for the best DeFi experiences

KardiaChain always aims to be the top-of-mind blockchain infrastructure for both crypto and non-crypto users in Vietnam.

 We strengthen our position even more with a three-way collaboration between VNDC, Nami Exchange and KardiaChain to issue the first USD-pegged KRC-20 token called K-USDT. All for a seamless trading experience and to support upcoming DeFi products on KRC20.

[contentcards url="https://blog.kardiachain.io/en/kusd-t-the-first-krc20-usd-pegged-stable-coin-for-the-best-defi-experiences/"]

FADO officially completes the integration of their loyalty program on KardiaChain network.

Following the partnership with FADO,KardiaChain has fully synchronized and completed blockchain integration into the FADO Loyalty Program. 

Loyalty program based on blockchain technology is a sound tactic for KardiaChain and Fado to dominate the market. 

KardiaChain’s advantages such as information security, transparency, interoperability, and flexibility will leverage FADO’s productivity. 

[contentcards url="https://blog.kardiachain.io/en/fado-officially-completes-the-integration-of-their-loyalty-program-on-kardiachain-network/"]


KAIDEX public Testnet

We are proud to present the first version of KAIDEX Testnet 1.0 to all KAI Lovers. 

In this public test version, we provide users with first-hand experiences of the following features:

  • User-friendly UI: The interface is designed to simplify trading between KRC-20 tokens.
  • Unique Limit order: Typically, orders are placed under the market maker mechanism for instant swapping based on current market price and slippage. KAIDEX’s key feature “Limit order” supports users to place orders with desired price and amount.
  • Real-time trading tools: KAIDEX provides intuitive and constant updated charts so users can keep track of the price easily.
  • KAIDEX liquidity pools: The pools act as trading venues for each KRC-20 token pair.
  • Passive earnings: Users can gain profit by contributing to liquidity pools. For each transaction occurring in the pool, a profit up to 0.3% is attainable.
  • Seamless trading experience: Nearly zero trading fee, near-instant settlement with low slippage.

[contentcards url="https://blog.kardiachain.io/en/kaidex-public-testnet-1-0-is-here/"]

Vietnamese Robinhood App powered by KardiaChain to launch in Q3 2021

As featured in the Intellectual Property and Innovation Magazine, a Vietnam prestige tech journal, the LiveTrade team will launch their mobile application in Q3 of 2021. This progress update follows our partnership announcement with LiveTrade earlier this year.

KardiaChain profoundly provides blockchain infrastructure for LiveTrade. By using blockchain technology, all the trading activities on LiveTrade will maintain transparency and security. LiveTrade aims to be a gateway for everyone to invest in the thriving stock market. Stock tokenisation and the endorsement of major banks and crypto players in Vietnam will help lower the entry barrier to the stock market. Any retail investor can grab the cake regardless of their initial capital.

[contentcards url="https://blog.kardiachain.io/en/vietnamese-robinhood-app-powered-by-kardiachain-to-launch-in-q3-2021/"]


III/ Community

Introducing the KAIRDROP program — Airdrops For KardiaChain Stakers

Following the success of DPET and BAMI KRC-20 airdrop campaigns, we decided to take our airdrop to the next level. Today we announce the official launch of the KAIRDROP Program, a way for KAI holders to stake and earn even more.

KAIRDROP offers KRC-20 projects on KardiaChain exclusive access to active KAI Holders, who play essential roles in our ecosystem. This is a win-win approach for both projects to distribute their tokens to quality holders and Kardia active users to gain first-hand experience with promising products and services.

[contentcards url="https://blog.kardiachain.io/en/introducing-the-kairdrop-program-airdrops-for-kardiachain-stakers/"]

As of now, there have been 4 KAIRDROP events, with the latest the airdrop event of 30,000 TPH tokens.

[contentcards url="https://blog.kardiachain.io/en/kairdrop-4-30000-tph-tokens-for-kai-holders-to-claim/"]

KardiaChain has also gained a lot of attention from multiple traditional news channels ranging from business, finance and gaming.

[contentcards url="https://cointelegraph.com/press-releases/my-defi-pet-a-virtual-pet-game-with-actual-values"]

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[contentcards url="https://bitcoinist.com/top-vietnamese-blockchain-kardiachain-steps-into-nft-gaming-with-my-defi-pet/"]

[contentcards url="https://finance.yahoo.com/news/kardiachain-launches-defi-pet-decentralized-120000833.html"]

[contentcards url="https://www.gaming.net/kardiachain-launches-my-defi-pet-a-decentralized-creature-collecting-game/"]


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