KardiaChain x MultiChain

The Partnership

With a shared vision of interoperability, KardiaChain has formed a strategic partnership with the leading cross-chain protocol Multichain (formerly Anyswap), bringing the most trusted stablecoin USDC onto the KardiaChain ecosystem among other top assets including WBTC, WETH, WBNB.


Cross-chain functionality and interoperability continue to be a challenge in the crypto world where users have to go through multiple steps to access different networks.


With this partnership, users from Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and KardiaChain can access and transfer assets between networks using the Multichain bridge.


"The net result will be an increase in liquidity and token swaps, benefitting KardiaChain users with more ease of access to assets across networks, and strengthening the DeFi ecosystem. This move empowers the next upcoming version of our DEX, KAIDEX V3, making it the one-stop shop for all crypto investors in not only Southeast Asia, but globally." says Lew Tran, CTO of KardiaChain.


“Multichain is positioned as a Web3.0 infrastructure, the engine for the multi-chain era. The future will be multi-chain, while bridges will be necessary to enable chains to be connected. Great pleasure to integrate with KardiaChain, and facilitate KardiaChain to provide lower-cost, faster, and more secure interoperability,” says Zhaojun, CEO & Co-Founder of Multichain. 


Both KardiaChain and Multichain have been leaders in achieving interoperability, and now with this partnership, we're one step closer to our shared mission of #web3massadoption.

Your Share; 
O Ethereum 
Balance: 0.00 
4- Send To 
Balance: 0.00 
. CrosschainFeeisO.OO%.Gas cross-chain transaction on destination Chain 
• Mininurn Crosschain Amount is 
• Maximum is 
Estimated Time Of Crosschain Arrival is 10-30 min 
• than 1.000000 USOCcm•Idtakeupto 12hwrs

About Multichain

Multichain (formerly Anyswap) is the leading cross-chain router protocol with more than 56 supported blockchains & 2456 bridges. With $2.7B TVL and $86B in transaction volume to date, Multichain is a trusted and leading platform for cross-chain interactions.

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About KardiaChain

With more than half a million users, KardiaChain is one of Southeast Asia's leading blockchain ecosystems.  Aiming for Web3 Mass Adoption, KardiaChain aims to bring products that help onboard millions of users onto web3 & blockchain technology.

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Bridge KAI via Multichain here

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