New farm and pool to earn $KAI will be live soon on Apeswap

  • 13/12/2021

In celebration of our upcoming Galaxias Hard Fork launch, our team is delighted to announce our partnership with the trusted DeFi platform Apeswap in a momentous leap forward in creating the grand future of mass adoption and creating attainable and sustainable values for all users along the journey. 

As KardiaChain’s number one mission is to bring incredible users’ benefits, this partnership will bring the vast community of our ecosystem worldwide exposure to ApeSwap, alongside the KardiaChain infrastructure’s technical prowess with a blazing 5,000 transactions per second, 5-second settlement with also zero to no fee. 

This movement is KardiaChain’s statement to introduce all users to a next-level farming experience that goes along with our network’s next-stage transformation with the Galaxias hard fork upgrade. With KAI will soon be officially listed on ApeSwap, our users can enjoy tremendous value through Yield Farming and Staking using the coveted KAI token, a feature that ApeSwap enables.

About ApeSwap.Finance:

ApeSwap is a leading DEX with a trustable DeFi Protocol on Binance Smart Chain and Polygon focusing on offering a premier trading experience. Proven to be a reliable Automated Market Maker, the average daily trading volume on Apeswap is over $20,000,000 and the average number of monthly users is at about 200,000. 

Apeswap.Finance offers incredible values through its farming utilities and staking platform with their native tokens, $BANANA and $GNANA through contributions to their vast liquidity pool, and it also works the other way around, earning other tokens by staking their tokens. 

Find out more about ApeSwap at: 





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