THANK YOU for joining Ecosystem Cocktail Party with KardiaChain, Onebit Ventures and OneBlock Labs in Hanoi.

Dear valued guests,

Finally, it’s a wrap for the festive week of builders for the Vietnam Blockchain Summit 2022 - Shaping The Future in Hanoi. It’s now time to shift the focus back to our product and sharpen the new and existing relationships.

Thank you for joining us at such a wonderful event last Friday. Not only did we get to meet each other in person, make new friends, and see our partners in Vietnam besides the Vietnam Blockchain Summit, but we were also able to connect with each other and ignite new business relationships.

Our event would not have been so successful without your support and presence. Following this event, KardiaChain and our Partners will have many more exciting collaborations to come so stay tuned! Together, we aspire to elevate the blockchain community in Vietnam and the national tech startup scene as a whole.

Some of the most memorable photos and moments from the events can be found HERE. Don’t forget to add the hashtags #KardiaChain #OnebitVentures #OneblockLabs when you post and reshare them on social media!

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To improve the quality of the next events, KardiaChain and partners would like to hear your feedback and suggestions. Please don't hesitate to share your thoughts about our event.

A quick summary:
First of all, we would like to announce that the event was successfully held with the huge participation of guests from OKX, Huobi, V2B Labs, Kiwi Group, Tiền Thuật Toán, Block Agency, Dualist King - Orochi Network, Meta Lion Ventures, The Parallel, Hunter Ventures, Verichains, KK Fund, LAMO, Hunter Ventures, VicCrypto & Kretos Ventures, MEXC, Oxalus, Blockchain Factory, VBC Ventures + Stably, OKX Chain, Aura Network, Pavilion Capital, Realbox, Suci blockchain hub & ETHvietnam, Viettel IDC, VTC game, BHO Network, Famcentral + Shark pool, Hongkong blockchain Association, IDG Vietnam, Boxtradex, Nelo Network, Maxx Capital, Aegis Ventures, Timebit OTC, Hectagon, Shopdi, ids.company, VBU, Cointelegraph, inuvina fund, Blockchain service Viettel, Hunterventures, Altonomy, Fido, FIO protocol, Cystack, Horizon land, Elpis battle, Playground, bitverse, Spinel labs, Medidev, Coincu, Krystal.app, Musemedia.io, Blockx.network, Metawork.network, Triple-a.io, Oxalus.io, Antalpha, Mymetafarm, Phaver, Cinchblock, Elpis, Gamefi360, Metaspacecy, Morbitspace, Ready.io, Matters Labs, KOLs Giu Comia, Marvin Favis, Gerry Go (Crypto Pareh), Macky, Gatchealejo (CrypTito), James Afante, MJ Aguilar, Nathan, Rondon (Crypto Addict), VGS, Chain Academy, ForbitSpace...

The plan was to invite 70 guests, eventually more than 200 friends and colleagues from many countries, such as Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Thailand, Philippines, European countries, and the US countries. We believe this event has created an opportunity for individuals working in the blockchain field to innovate and build the Vietnamese blockchain space.

KardiaChain, OneBlock Labs, and Onebit Ventures would like to express our gratitude towards Diageo Vietnam for sponsoring the event.

For those who missed this blockchain party, stay tuned for the next explosive event from us!

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A few follow-ups:

If you would like to follow-up with any startups from the event, or have questions about the broader ecosystem, please don’t hesitate to follow-up with me and my team.

We have shared video calls, countless emails and chat messages, but nothing could have ever compared to this afternoon when we met each other in real life.

Thank you all for joining us again. We hope you had a good time and that the sessions were both interesting and fun.

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Best photos of the night HERE

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Thank you for the amazing event and looking forward to seeing you again in our next ones!

We look forward to meeting you again and have a great week ahead!

Best regards,

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