On September 5, We’ve conducted an AMA in Official KardiaChain English Community, The AMA was held with Ms. Vi Vi - The Marketing Head of Moonka. The AMA session took place over the KardiaChain community on Telegram where Vi Vi discussed several amazing facts about Moonka’s future plans & Their token project’s future.


Q1: Can you explain in more detail Moonka's Model?

 Vi Vi: Moonka's model is to apply blockchain technology to tokenize real estate into digital assets on the blockchain platform. We choose real estate with good profit potential to encode and divide the value of it into many parts (1000 parts) to approach small investors in the market.

We use Smart Contract and terms for each real estate investment, so it is transparent, secure for all participating investors. When a party wants to buy real estate at a better price, Moonka creates a voting mechanism to get opinions from those who also buy that it. If the yes is higher than 51%, Moonka will help in doing selling procedures and divide profits based on a ratio.

Q2: What do I need to do to invest with Moonka?

Vi Vi: Firstly, Investors must have an MKA token to upgrade a membership. MKA is used to register membership and access to services in Moonka's ecosystem. Only members can join in investing real estate projects

Secondly, You need stablecoin like VNDC/VNDT to participate in each real estate sell.

Q3:Will the project be aimed at foreign real estate and cooperate with foreign real estate companies, right admin?

Vi Vi: In the fourth quarter of 2021, Moonka plans to complete the platform for foreign investors. That is, foreign investors can still participate in buying real estate in Vietnam. At the end of 2022, we will consider expanding overseas

However, this time, we focus on real estate in the Vietnamese market.

Q4: if NFTs of real estate will be release by Moonka, so each NFT will be backed by a real building, NFT here as a proof of ownership, if there is the case that the user lost his/her wallet access, so how can he/she request for minting new NFT for his real building?

Vi Vi: Because each Moonka property tokenizes into 1000 different parts. You need to store your assets carefully. If you lose your Key, your real estate token is lost. Sorry, Moonka can't mint another one for you.

Q5: What is Moonka's latest achievement?

Vi Vi: The most recent achievement of Moonka, a platform to invest real estate on Blockchain, has successfully opened and sold out a townhouse at address B26, block of 50 Can Thanh apartments in Can Gio district, Ho Chi Minh City after only 90 days. minutes This is a pioneering milestone for the application of technology to digitize assets in Vietnam. A product as valuable as real estate is successfully purchased together on decentralized ledger technology. 


[contentcards url="https://blog.moonka.io/en/first-real-estate-b26-can-gio-calls-up-capital-successfully-after-1-hour-30-minutes"]

Q6: Can you tell us about the motivations and benefits for investors to hold your tokens long-term?

Vi Vi: Moonka builds on a long-term vision. According to token metrics, the total supply is 100M MKA. However, 60% of them have not been issued, but are only gradually mined every time there is a successful real estate transaction and divided among investors and Stakers. According to calculations, when GMV reaches 2.5 Billion dollars, it will only mine all the MKA. So the longer you hold, the more successful trades Moonka will have. Then MKA will increase in price in the future.

Q7: What is the strategy of the real estate lines that Moonka is aiming for in the near future?

Vi Vi: As I mentioned before, We focus on fully legal real estate in Vietnam, especially from the central to the south. Small value real estate segment so that each person can participate in ownership from 50-100 USD.

Q8: Does Moonka intend to expand to overseas markets in the near future?

Vi Vi: Yes, we have this plan, in next year, after we run smoothly our system and reach more than 10,000 investors.

Q9: What is Moonka's competitive advantage compared to competitors?

Vi Vi: MOONKA provides real estate services from A to Z such as finding potential projects, real estate valuation, legal advice, providing marketplace for P2P transactions, helping investors to use many services in the MOONKA ecosystem. At the same time, blockchain technology is applied to bring higher investment efficiency than other models.

We researched that there are some project also relevant to real estate blockchain, however their model focus on auction. example, you buy a ticket and lucky draw for the whole real estate.

with Moonka Model, we guys actually invest in fractionalized real estale. we think we are the pioneer in APAC.

Q10: When will Moonka open a public sale? This is not IFO or IDO on KardiaChain yet. So the list is direct, right? Can it work if anyone switch VNDT to Moonka and then buy membership? Can I use KAI to buy MKA membership such as KAIMOND? Will Moonka open more lending or mortgage for investment? 

Vi Vi: A lot of people have asked about public sale. Since we focus on products first, after our successful sale, Moonka intends to open public sale at the end of the third quarter, in other words, the end of September. We plan to public sale not only with some big Real estate community in VN, but also IDO or IFO. Maybe Beco or Defily. After that, Moonka will list to KAIDEX.

Yes, When listed on KAIDEX, you can swap VNDC/VNDT/KAI to MKA. we will have Lending or mortgage for investment function in Q4/2021.

Q11: how to find a good products, open for sale for investors to contribute capital?

Vi Vi: To list a sell on our platform. a real estate must go through strict censorship steps by the MOONKA team based on the set of criteria set out to ensure the fullest legality according to the Law of Vietnam. According to Moonka's goal, the products listed on the platform are secondary real estate, have clear documents, are fully legal under Vietnamese law, and have potential for growth in the future.


Q1:Do you have partnerships or advisors that can help you gain adoption? And what is your long term vision of Moonka?

Vi Vi : Now we have many partnerships such as Kardiachain, Defily, VNDT, VNDC, adamas investment and we're working with 5-10 big real real estate and legal corperation not only in Vietnam but also global.

Q2: What type of yield are we looking at for using MoonKa and buying property ?

Vi Vi: Our core product is real estate, you can expect a return about 20-40% per year for real estate token

about MKA token, I can not say, however, the more successful transaction, more and more will be MKA value.

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