Kardiachain is delighted to announce Rove will be building on the KRC Network as official partners.

As the first decentralized interoperable and self-optimized blockchain infrastructure, KardiaChain focuses on addressing the fragmentation of blockchain systems and creating a unified platform towards mass adoption.

This partnership between two like-minded entities whose goals are to revolutionize the blockchain and metaverse industry. We will be working together on building a KardiaChain metaverse on Rove through this partnership.

Rove x KardiaChain to make this swanky 3D space equipped for meeting, learning and spacious enough for all your friends, your pets, and your favorite NFT art collections

Stay tuned for more exciting news coming soon!


Rove is a metaverse as a service provider for any and all projects, communities, or teams out there that want to establish a presence in the metaverse.

It’s not easy to build a metaverse from scratch, let alone make it thriving and realize the great promise of the metaverse for users. There are technical backend challenges, audio quality, 3D designs, user onboarding, mobile apps.

They want to make it very easy to create and grow a metaverse, so that those teams and communities do not have to spend resources building their own, but to use Rove’s platform and infrastructure.



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