Suit Up and Join the Alterverse

The KardiaChain team is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Alterverse Inc., an independent game development company whose mission is to create a gaming and world-building multiverse where players own and manage their own worlds.

The team is developing pre-built game servers that include customizable, modular building elements as well as pre-programmed Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, First Person Shooter, and Quest game play mechanisms. 

AlterVerse Inc. provides and maintains central database servers for connecting all worlds and maintaining leaderboards. 

The Alterverse.Inc welcomes you to a diverse and brilliant Metaverse - Sky City Metaverse, the epicenter of numerous bridges. Located in the center of the halosphere with a multitude of buildings, Sky City offers fully customizable ships and avatars with every color that you could imagine, lounges to chill and dance with your fellow citizens, engage in intergalactic starship battles, and even more!

Halospheres—The First Sky City

“Nestled in the clouds of planet Aureus, sits the first Sky City, an extravagant inter-planetary hub of adventure, commerce, opportunity, and connection.”

The first Sky City, hidden in the clouds of planet Aureus, has everything you need to enjoy your experience in this vast and immense city. The core hub is surrounded by sixteen massive floating platforms, dubbed "Halospheres." Some of these halospheres will have land available for purchase. Players would be able to build housing on certain plots, whilst others would feature refineries or forest biomes where they could gather and refine resources while earning credits to buy NFTs and other game goodies.

Sky City has complete day/night cycles as well as weather transitions. On the south side of Sky City, citizens will be able to enjoy the night and enjoy the view of the stars! Party it out in Club Sky City! Go dance and listen to music with friends and fellow citizens! VR Compatible with the Oculus Rift or Vive spend your best moments in the best Club in the City! 

Club Sky City

Or enjoy your day shopping within the city. The Central Hub features nearly 40 individual retail shops and apartments that will be on sale! The well-appointed City Hall was built north of the city, where the soon-to-be elected City Council will hold meetings to promote tourism and plan land use. On the eastern edge, there is a three-story NFT Art Gallery, and on the west, there is an NFT game skins shop.


NFT Shops

Customize and personalize your in-game character, with a ton of clothes, armors, and weapons to choose from. Explore and you can maybe even find shops with purchasable real-world items! Do you want to sell something? Say no more, as you can also buy a shop to trade and sell to people in the Metaverse! Sell your own NFTs and more! 


Alterverse Play-to-earn Model

There are several ways to earn and collect goods in Sky City. Create a shop where you can sell your hand-crafted items or products. In this realistic virtual economy, vendors, entrepreneurs, and developers all play a significant role. Sell your goods that you mined and farmed to other citizens, allowing the economy to thrive! You can create building parts and furniture to improve and customize your apartment or house! 


The first of 16 games. Disruption highlights multiple games in one in the alternate universe in the Solone Solar system, abord enormous starships known as Disrupters. In Starship Raider, citizens can raid these spacecraft on their own or with formed alliances. You better watch out for Defense Droids! In Hero’s Quest, aliens have infiltrated the spacecraft, and citizens must discover the eight keys to reestablish control before time runs out. Suit up and get ready to board your ship, prepare to engage in battle!

At Alterverse, they strive to build an interconnected and open metaverse - where the gamers and partners are also involved in many other protocols and chains. 

By acting as a hub for many, Altaverse seeks to assist in bridging the gap between real decentralization across diverse platforms, like a stop along the route connecting many interconnected ecosystems.

In a battle of wits and strategy, people from all around the Multiverse will be able to experience multiple game modes such as Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Raids, PVP Challenges, and a Quest mode (coming soon). Their game studio previously had games on Steam and was recently moved to the Unreal Engine to improve graphics and overall gameplay. Soon, they will be launching new play-to-earn NFTs.

There will also be a huge announcement soon for a large Tier-1 Accelerator Incubator Program. So, you'd better track their official channels and platforms.


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