As featured in the Intellectual Property and Innovation Magazine, a Vietnam prestige tech journal, the LiveTrade team will launch their mobile application in Q3 of 2021. This progress update follows our partnership announcement with LiveTrade earlier this year.

KardiaChain profoundly provides blockchain infrastructure for LiveTrade. By using blockchain technology, all the trading activities on LiveTrade will maintain transparency and security. LiveTrade aims to be a gateway for everyone to invest in the thriving stock market. Stock tokenisation and the endorsement of major banks and crypto players in Vietnam will help lower the entry barrier to the stock market. Any retail investor can grab the cake regardless of their initial capital.

Recently, LiveTrade has announced the user interface (UI) of the Live Trade App - its mobile application for the general public. The simplicity of its design will help all users easily operate and research various stocks even if they have minimum knowledge about firms on the market. All the major players’ stock will be dispensed, allowing potential investors to earn all benefits only by investing a proportion of a share. Furthermore, unlike traditional stock trade, live trade can occur 24/7 with real-time update prices and extremely low transaction fees.

The LiveTrade mobile app will be officially launched in Q3 of 2021 along with new additional features.

Article in Vietnamese about LiveTrade App UI featured in the Intellectual Property and Innovation Magazine:

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