KardiaChain X Cốc Cốc (Update)


Web 3 and blockchain technology has grown in popularity worldwide in the past few years. Many Vietnamese blockchain engineers assert their names and qualifications on the international stage. Many popular web3 products have emerged, including KardiaChain, Axie Infinity, and Coin98. One of the latest players to jump on the blockchain train is Coc Coc.

Coc Coc is a search engine and web browser developed by Vietnamese people since 2010, officially launched in May 2013. By the end of September 2022, Coc Coc has more than 28 million users, and is the second most popular browser and search engine in Vietnam, after Google Chrome. Since 2008, Coc Coc has been on a mission, this mission is to improve Vietnam's quality of life through the digital world. 

“Since its establishment until now, Coc Coc has always been loyal to the goal of helping Vietnamese people take advantage of the potential of the digital world to improve their quality of life. We realize that Web3 is the future of the internet, but there is no pure Vietnamese, optimal and easy-to-use Web tool for Vietnam, so Coc Coc decided to choose KardiaChain to build a Web3 browser together. Vietnam to serve the Vietnamese people,” said Mr. Viet Anh.



Mr. Huy Nguyen, CEO of KardiaChain and Mr. Nguyen Vu Anh, CEO of Coc Coc at the MoU signing ceremony - CTV


According to the memorandum, as an advisor KardiaChain will help Coc Coc develop an unattended wallet that integrates into all Coc Coc browser products on PC, MAC, iOS and Android platforms. This wallet will provide users with direct access to blockchain-based Web3 applications. With this innovation, more people will get to manage secret chains. They will also get to interact with popular blockchains, like KardiaChain, worldwide without having to install additional support programs for their browsers.




In return, KardiaChain is working with Coc Coc to make this transition as smooth as possible. With KardiaChain and Coc Coc, the future of web3 integration looks bright in Vietnam. More companies, units, and individuals will be able to confidently build decentralized web3 products that stand firm and serve the domestic market. With Coc Coc fast-tracking mass adoption through web 3 integrations, the vision of KardiaChain to make blockchain more accessible to the public is within reach.


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