Xin chào!

I’ve joined KardiaChain to lead their marketing efforts.  

I bring 16 years of international digital marketing experience, 3 years of leading and managing my own agency, and 4 years of active involvement in the crypto space.

And I’m going to take all those lessons, knowledge, and skills I’ve acquired from those 22 combined years, and direct that energy to help execute KardiaChain’s Vision —-> Creating a Blockchain Accessible by Millions.  

You see, that was the headline I read when I first came to KardiaChain’s homepage (our website’s currently going through some changes so bear with us)

Admittedly, after I started my own digital marketing agency, I never considered accepting a role at another company (in other words, I liked being my own boss).

But as I repeated the headline in my head, I realized that this could be an opportunity to do what I’ve been dreaming about for years…a chance to make true change in the world.

And during a time as the world is struggling with trust, transparency, and communication…blockchain tech is a change that the world needs right now.

As I further studied KardiaChain, I learned that Kardia means “heart” in Greek.

That’s when I knew, this is an opportunity that I couldn’t let slip.

Here at KardiaChain, we want to change the world by bringing true, mass adoption of blockchain tech to millions.

We have the best talents in the world with former Google team members building the best blockchain tech in the world.

And now I’m here to build and lead the best team to introduce KardiaChain to the World.

This year, we're Shooting for the Metaverse as we're looking to grow our ecosystem of GameFi projects, products, and partners to support this initiative.

So if you want to take part in building the Metaverse, have a knack for marketing, and are active in the crypto space, then join us.

Let's bring Blockchain to millions and change the World together.

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