Pioneer Program 16

With the submission period of the KardiaChain Pioneer Program Season 2 is going in hot, we’d love to introduce to all the potential contestants and our Kardian community the Season 2 judges.

They are the most well-versed personnel in a wide range of industries to cover every aspect of a project and give the best decision in picking out the most outstanding winners that would help KardiaChain Ecosystem achieve our mass adoption mission.

No more waiting.

Let’s look at our judges and the Season 2 criteria.

Pioneer Season 2 Judges line-up

  1. Lew Tran | CTO of KardiaChain

    A judge from the first Pioneer season had come back, and of course, CTO Lew Tran would never miss a hackathon like this.

    With 10+ years of experience spanning across tech & web dev and 6+ years in blockchain & crypto, Lew Tran brings blockchain and technological expertise in evaluating projects.

  2. Bobby Pham | CMO of KardiaChain

    A project should work in both the functionality and business senses to create and/or fill in society’s demand.

    This is why expertise in marketing for market penetration is a must in evaluating the project.

    As KardiaChain’s newly appointed CMO, Bobby brings 16+ years of marketing, 3+ years of entrepreneurial, and 4+ years of crypto experience to the competition.

    He’ll judge every single project through the combined lens of marketing, business, and crypto investing.

  3. Paribus Ventures | VC Fund
    With over 30+ years of collective experience in business, marketing, and tech, along with over $20 million worth of investments across blockchain and digital start-ups, the partners of Paribus Ventures bring valuable industry insights and perspectives when evaluating projects uncovering gems for the Kardiachain ecosystem.

  4. James McMahon - Owner of "Crypto with James"

    James runs one of the fastest-growing crypto channels on Youtube, where he has gained fame for repeatedly picking small projects that went on to have huge success.

    He’s been an active investor for several years and has exceptional knowledge of the blockchain space from both an investor and community perspective. 


    His ability to identify quality projects in their infancy will ensure the best projects arrive in the Kardiachain ecosystem.


Pioneer 2 Scoring criteria

  1. Product Market Fit

    A product is only good if the market actually needs it.

    Does your product, dApp, or service actually solve a major pain point in your target market?

    Our judges will evaluate your product/market fit based on the below criteria:

    • How your project/product/service cover and solve the pain points of your customers/ the community.
    • How specific your targeted customers are? (demographics, locations, profession, etc.)

    (I.E, in Web 3 application sense, Metamask provides an easy, simple to use solution for users to store, manage, send, and receive crypto assets.

    Pancakeswap is a simple, easy-to-use decentralized exchange for users to trade crypto assets w/o requiring users to sign-up or reveal any personal information.)

  2. Scalability and Good Tokenomics

    One of the main aspects that all projects in the Pioneer program should prioritize is solid tokenomics.

    In other words, does your tokenomics allow for the value of your token to grow over time?

  3. Clean, Secured, and Functional Code

    On the tech side, writing an open-source code that's easy to understand is essential in helping other developers contribute to the growth and expansion of your code.

    We will judge your project’s source code as follows:

    • How organized and comprehensive your code was written.
    • How secured the program is, and how is the crisis management plan is developed.
    • Is it clear enough that other developers can read and contribute to its growth?


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